President Ram Nath kovind addressed the nation on the Independence day eve: President Ram Nath kovind addressed the nation on the independence day eve. He said that the celebrations are confined. He congratulated and thanked the doctors who relentlessly keeping their efforts to the wellbeing of people in this pandemic time. He said that the world had a drastic change due to pandemic. Twenty-five COVID warriors are invited to the Raj Bhavan for the flag hoisting by President Ram Nath Kovind. He spoke about the Galway Valley face-off in which 20 soldiers were killed. He praised the soldiers who sacrificed to protect our border. He called the soldiers as the worthy sons of Bharath Matha who lived and died for the sake of our country. He also added that India believes in peace and if any aggression is there we would give a befitting answer to them. He said that the construction of Ayodhya would be a pride moment for all and he mentioned that the education policy would strengthen the culture of inclusive innovation and institution in the sphere of education.

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