What is addiction?
According to the dictionary addiction means “physically and mentally dependent on particular substances” “Addiction is a biopsychosocial disorder. It’s a combination of your genetics, your neurobiology and how that interacts with psychological and social factors,” said Maureen Boyle

Why do people become addicted to it?
When people start feeling pleasure and a sense of achievement it becomes an addiction. Mostly the teenagers become addicted to different things. The teenagers generally want to grab the attention and want to be achievers in the public. It not only happens with teenagers but also with some young adults. At the initial stage of the game, they feel excited.

The first stage of a few mobile games:
At the first stage, the games attract the people and easily achievable targets are given, which gives the players a sense of achievement. The visuals and the curiosity to know the next step makes the players continue.

Second stage:
Players get a moderate difficulty which makes them win with more attempts which obviously showcases the players as the competitors and winners among the others. It slowly makes them take further steps in playing.

The third step:
In the third step, the extra skills are needed, the game takes the players into its trance and makes them buy some skills in their skills market. The same need made a few young boys in India to snatch money from the pockets of the parents and grandparents. In a few cases, it was in lakhs.

Engaging activities by the mobile game organization:
The companies or organizations of the game, call the celebrities and make them more engaged and the celebrities bring the game an image of public acceptance. They conduct the competitions and announce the prizes which push the gamers to participate in the contests. Later on, they feel nothing wrong in spending money and time.

The societal problem due to playing any mobile game:
Isolation from society: The mobile games, drag the people away from the activities of the society.

Losing human values:
A sense of disrespecting human values may be developed due to killing the other character in the game. The games promote violence.

Health-related issues:
Due to heavy playing, people do not move from one place which may lead to overeating, which may lead to obesity. Sometimes the suspense makes the people eat more.
A few players may play without moving and ignoring the food and water, which may dehydrate the people and make them hospitalized, and sometimes, they may die. This kind of incident happened in West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, where a young boy who continuously played for a few days and neglected food and water, died due to the after-effects of dehydration and neurological problems

The psychological health may be affected, by playing the violent games, if the mobile stops working, or anyone stops them from playing, they may become furious and they may vandalize the things around.
Too much playing may lead to stress and neuro-psychological problems. The excess release of stress hormones may lead to heart problems, psychological problems like anxiety, and even suicidal tendencies. In recent times many youngsters committed suicide due to different reasons which have strong strings with mobile games.

What should be done:
If the youngsters are identified with the above-said conditions, better to take them to a psychiatrist.

Parental Precautions:
Parents should stop using the phone in front of the children
If addicted to some extent, better to take the phone with soothing words without confrontations.
Engage them in the sports and games and in their interested fields like drawing and other fine arts.
Should slowly motivate them to read the books in the holidays whatever subject they are interested in. Etc.

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