Andhra Pradesh politics are strange and undercurrent. The situation will be under control yet, political build up. This kind of political heat generated in a major village called Anaparthi. The MLA for the place Soorya Narayana Reddy from ruling party (YSRCP) was called a corrupt by former MLA and opposition leader Nallamilli Rama Krishna Reddy. The opposition leader Nallamilli said he would prove the present MLA’s corruption. He challenged to come for an open debate in any place. If there is a problem with the open debate in public he also invited to have the debate in zoom app. But Present MLA and ruling party leader said that, he was ready to swear in front of idol of Lord Ganesha, in a famous temple in that area. When reported asked if he was ready for any debate with Mr. Nallamilli, he said he was not ready as the final judgment would be left to Lord Ganesha. However, 144 section is on in the village.

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