Many revolutionaries sacrificed their lives and one among them and one of the greatest freedom fighters is Ram Prasad Bismil. 11th June is his birth anniversary.

A great freedom fighter who never bothered about his personal life and the main conspirator of Kakori Train robbery was one of the motivating factors for freedom fighters like Bhagath Singh, Chandra Sekhar Azad, etc. He was a key member of the Hindustan Republican Association.

Ram Prasad is one of those rare freedom fighters whose devotion astonished many for his motherland. A modest man with humility and respect for others. He learned Hindi from his father and Urdu from a Moulvi. He was like “Subrahmanya Bharathi” from the southern part of India. He was a poet and revolutionary as well. His date of birth is 11th June 1897. He was a poet in Urdu and Hindi and was a member of Arya Samaj. His pen name was Bismil.

His mates at first to fight the British were Roshan Singh, Asphaqulla Khan, Chandra Sekar Azad, Rajendra Lahari etc. They all together used to motivate the people to join this revolutionary outfit Hindustan Republican Association to fight against the British.

The forgotten and ignored history of Congress:
Why many freedom fighters went against well-established Congress?: Congress was well established and most of them were moderators and Gandhian followers. The Gandhian ways tested the patience of many freedom fighters. When the enemy is strong, we should have the same power, and then only we can talk about the peace pact. But, Congress believed in non-violence with the insanity.

The Congress fight of non-violence without logic, and with the only idea of making noise of slogans and dominion status was there, which means they want purely the authority and wanted to sing the British anthem “Long live the Queen”. The revolutionaries of India influenced the thought process of Congress to ask for complete freedom.

The Kakori train conspiracy:
This incident had shaken entire India. The revolutionaries began to rise from southern provinces as well. The HRA (Hindustan Republican Association) planned to loot the chest of the British government and successfully did. About 10 revolutionaries took part in this incident including, Asphaqullah Khan, Manmath Nath Guptha, Ram Prasad Bismil was an important person in this operation, Roshan Singh etc. Manmath Nath Guptha fired accidentally at a passenger who got down the train and Manmath Nath Guptha regretted this incident, which brought death sentences according to his most admirable leader Ram Prasad Bismil and other revolutionaries like, Roshan Singh, Asphaqullah Khan and Rajendra Nath Lahiri.

Before hanging when Ram Prasad Bismil’s mother met him he cried, and his mother asked him if this was his revolution to cry! As an answer, he said that he was crying if he could get the fortune to take birth again as a son to a mother like her. That was the love he had for his mother and his motherland. A flawless man and this kind of leaders were never produced by any nation, but India provided such leaders.

No recognition!
Gandhi never gave prominence to the freedom fighter who sacrificed their lives, this is, unfortunately, undeniable truth! Which mechanism had gone wrong, is difficult to answer. The HRA, Anusilan Samithi, etc also opposed the Congress’ way of politics and methods of Gandhian way. Ram Prasad also attended the Congress sessions, at Lucknow and came out of the Congress.

The nationalistic ideas, unfortunately, could not get recognized by the later governments under so-called freedom fighters’ and age-old Congress party! And other coalition governments, and BJP governments also.

The governments never focused on making the Indians feel patriotism or nationalism. Countries like Israel or any countries think about their freedom fighters, but Indian governments which ruled us for 70 years failed in shaping the younger generations to make them more patriots and nationalists. No lesson is there about freedom fighters like Ram Prasad Bismil!!

The nation should develop an education system where we can understand their sacrifices and once memorise them and pay our gratitude. 

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