There has been a fight between Ramdev Baba the Yoga Guru and the IMA. The IMA National head Dr J A Jayalal has been encouraging the other states to file cases on Ramdev Baba for his comments against the medicines and the way the treatment is going on.

Ramdev Baba said that the allopathic drugs are not effective in treating the Covid 19, when the media asked him why he was against this, Ramdev Baba, said that the allopathic medicine has not given the right treatment to the Covid 19.

What made his comment like this?
His comments are made because the medicines are less effective. Even WHO asked not to use the Remedesivir and plasma therapy. He gave clarity that, he wanted modern medicine should be developed by the amalgamation of Ayurveda and allopathy and other medical systems like Sidha, etc.

Do they say Ayurveda a placebo?
There is another problem that, the allopathic doctors have been commenting that Ayurveda a placebo, and no one has filed a case against them.

Painting religion to the medical systems:
The IMA chief, Jaya Pal said in an interview that, this is the right time to propagate his personal religion and people have been getting doubt if this man is looking at the Ayurveda and the practitioners of yoga as Hindu religious activity.  

IMA chief says not guilty using IMA to propagate Christianity?
A suit was filed by one Rohit Jha before a trial court in Delhi alleging that under the shield of IMA, Jayalal is misusing his position and misleading the nation and people to convert Hindus to Christianity.

The IMA’s asks for the scientific basis of Ayurveda in the treatment of COVID:
Last year the  IMA criticized the scientific basis of Ayurveda and Yoga.  The IMA has been looking low at the Ayurvedic medical system.

As an answer, the AYUSH doctors strongly criticized the comments by IMA. But no one put any case against IMA last year by any AYUSH doctors.

The IMA chief went to the extreme of propagating a religion under the cover of IMA, so Rohith Jha put a case against him in the Delhi court.

Another case on Ramdev Baba in Chhattisgarh: Ramdev Baba strong criticism brought difficulties in the form of cases. He said that at least 10,000 doctors passed away despite their vaccination.  This case could be a revenge case against the Ayurveda and Yoga and as a response to the case filed by Rohith Jha.

Ayurvedic drugs – increasing popularity:
On one hand, high sales of the Coronil kit have been rocketing and On the other hand in Andhra Pradesh, another Ayurvedic doctor came up with the medicine of Ayurveda.

The doctors should understand that Ayurveda is also the medical system is not a merely Hindu religious practice.

 All the medicinal practitioners should come to gather and should develop medicines. The Ayurvedic medical doctor Anadhayya is claiming that his medicine can be worked for the Covid 19, so it is better to see the statistics and understand the impact of the medicine or as this medicine has no side effects, they can experiment and check the results.

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