There is a blow to China and Pakistan as Russia backed India in SCO meet (Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) forum) This comes after Pakistan’s attempt to raise India Pakistan matters at a virtual meet. The Russian Deputy Envoy to Delhi, Roman N Babushkin,  said “”This is a part of SCO charter and SCO basic documents not to bring the bilateral issue into the agenda. It has been made clear to all members’ states that it should be avoided for the sake of the progress of multilateral cooperation.” Further added “The importance of SCO is to deal with regional challenges, to promote economic, financial, humanitarian partnership among member states in order to keep the momentum, we will not interfere in bilateral issues of India and Pakistan… Our position remains consistent and unchanged. We hope such kind of instances will not appear” PM of India Sri Narendra Modi also brought this issue saying without taking Pakistan’s name that, a few had been bringing the bilateral issue.

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