Nowadays, politicians come before the elections and ask for a vote and we can’t see them though we wait for them at their residence. This is the current politicians’ mindset. Here, some are exceptional and can be remembered for ages. Form them a lady MLA from Mulugu constituency had shown the difference. Her name is Seethakka.

 The MLA of Mulugu constituency of Telangana, Seethakka has become so famous during the lockdown, thanks to social media. She travelled and trekked the mountains to reach the people and provided daily needs. She travelled in the forest for tens of kilometres to reach people. How did she have this commitment to serve the people? What was her struggle in her life? These questions should be answered and should be reached to as many as possible.

Her family:
Seethakka’s actual name is Dhanasari Anasuya. She was brought up in Jaganna Peta a small hamlet in the Mulugu Mandal of Telangana. She was born in 1971 in an Adhivasi family. Her father’s name was Sammayya and mother was Sammakka, she had a brother, his name was Sambayya. She used to study in a hostel and in the holidays she used to spend her time at home. When she was a school student, in her village, there was an impact of the Maoist revolution.

When did she enter the Maoist movement?
After writing her 10th class exams, she joined the Naxalite movement. She continued to be in the Naxalite movement for a long time. She had grown up to commander level of the position. Once she was caught and kept in jail and she determined to not to waste time. She failed in one subject in 10th class, so she thought it was the right time to finish it and had written the exam successfully she passed the exam while she was in jail. After that, she was released on bail and went back to the Maoist movement.

Why was she called as Seetha?
She was named as Seetha. Her husband name was Ramulu, so she was named as Seetha. People started calling her Seethakka. She was a singer and motivator in the Maoist movement. Her maternal uncle was the motivator to join the Maoist movement. She lost many of her family members during their services in the Maoist movement. She lost her brother, husband and uncle and near and dear of her in different shootouts. She thought of not giving birth, but she gave birth to a baby boy and thought of giving that boy to her relatives for adoption but her mother differed with her opinion and her mother looked after her son. After that, she resumed doing her fight against the system of exploitation.

Why did she return to normal life?
There were differences between the groups of the Maoists and the world has been changing, she could not find ways to help the poor Adhivasi people. She surrendered herself in front of the court. She was brought back to normal life.

Normal life:
Giving her son to her mother for bringing up, favoured her. She could look after her son when she returned to normal life. After that, she continued her studies. She did her law degree. Later on, she did Post Graduation in sociology and now she has been doing PhD.

Political life:
Her thoughts linger around serving the poor and needy especially the Adhivasi people who are innocent and spend most of their life in the forest. They are deprived of all the facilities.

How did she enter politics?
She got a channel to get into politics. She was invited by Sri Chandra Babu Naidu in undivided Andhra Pradesh. She knew that little ideological differences were there but TDP was the only party which was close to backward classes. So she joined the TDP. Sri Chandra Babu Naidu Ji gave chance to fight in assembly elections but she failed to win the elections. The fighter never gives up. With the same fighting spirit, she fought back and got a chance to win against the TRS MLA candidate.

In 2014 she lost the election and again, she won the 2018 elections through congress party. She is ready to fight the elections against the oppressive powers. She felt that TRS was an oppressive power where she had to fight. After that, she has been continuing her services. Relentless services are being continued throughout COVID 19 pandemic also. In fact, she restlessly has been working for the Adhivasi people.

Famous Walk:
People have seen politicians who walk hundreds and thousands of miles just to win the elections and get the power but people haven’t witnessed any politician, who walked miles together in forest and terrains along the streams just to serve them and give them the daily needs. People have witnessed politicians who do not get down from their car but haven’t witnessed people’s representative walking in the unfavourable paths in the forest to serve.

Seethakka recently walked for tens of miles in terrain places and through the streams. She went into the forest and visited nearly 275 hamlets which come under, Eturu Nagaram, Tadwai, Mulugu, and Govinda Rao pet Mandals. Only three government representatives reached such remote hamlets. The IAS officer Sri Lav Agarwal, government official Praveen Prakash and Seethakka. She carried the needful things for tens of miles by carrying them on her head to serve the poor Adhivasi people. She said that it wasn’t new for her being into the forest, but this was the deeper forest than her forest life as a Maoist. She said that all the people were not getting the government help.

Seethakka on the way to distribute basic essentials during Lockdown

Leading from the ground though it was flooding and downpouring:
In the month of August 2020, the rains and floods lashed the Telangana state, though it was raining and flooding in Eturi Nagaram, Vajedu and Manga Peta villages, Seethakka rendered her services. She went to the poor people and personally inspected the evacuation of them during floods. There was danger of inundation so she urged the locals to evacuate the villages. In social media, a few videos of her have been surfacing, where she was seen leading from the ground. She went into the areas where water reached the ankle-length and urged people to evacuate in the buses arranged for them.  In one hand she was holding an umbrella and the other hand she was holding the loudspeaker and was announcing in front of each house without leaving anyone.

Educating the Adhivasi people:
She has been helping in the flood situations and in lockdown etc., and in her long journey for the people, she understood the need for education. In her services to the poor Adhivasi people, she understood that they do not come out of the forest. In fact, they are the rightful owners of the forest and the by-products of the forest. They have been living as an integral part of nature. She thought of initiating the foundation schools for them. She said that future generations would become the future of the nation. She added that she would follow the rules of Corona lockdown and initiate the schools.

Let us wish a great leader all the best in serving the people of Adhivasi. The words come short when we praise such leaders who fight for the public. The politicians in India should learn how to serve people from such real leaders.

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  1. She Is the right candidate for TS pcc president or cm candidate no one oppose on candidature…she gain acceptance from non forest areas also ….

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