On Navaratri, Dussera, a few people sound amicable to Indian woman but, they spread anti-Indic religious propaganda! Yes! Some educated and typical people feel high speaking against some Indic religious traditions. And, on Twitter, Facebook and many other social platforms, they may come up with anti-Indic tradition propaganda.

Why they do that?

A few are paid: A few people are paid for the anti-Indic religious propaganda, for some this propaganda is necessary for, long term political gains, so they fund a few people to do like this, from foreign countries also. These people flaunt their knowledge as superior and try to debunk the Indic traditions make the other people believe that, those are blind beliefs and uncivilised. Actually, that is not right. They flaunted like this many a time. But after knowing the great scientific reasons, they stopped speaking about that, started speaking on the other. For instance, when turmeric was widely used, or neem was widely used, they called it a blind belief. But, later, when it was proved that, turmeric is anti-biotic, anti-fungal, they stopped arguing on that.

A few have political gains: A few come up with the political gains for the short term. They show-offs as if they have been favouring the socially backward people.  Some of them go to the extent of calling themselves as Ambedkarists (Followers of Ambedkar) in fact, Ambedkar, hated the caste system, not the Indic religions. He took Buddhism before a few days of his death.  He was a nationalist. But, people using the name of Sri Ambedkar, they speak against the fundamental idea of India and its thousands of years of Indian heritage and culture. Their only idea is to get the name and fame through his or her comments in some sections of society. To divide the Indian society and spread imperialistic ideologies they do this kind of propaganda by installing some, divisive people.

A few fall into their influence: Due to the influence of a few you tubers and some actors and veteran actors and poets and historians, who falsely say that Indic faith as fundamentalism; many educated (Half educated) fall under their influence. On social media, they feel as if they are intellectuals and speak about the Indic faiths. This kind of hypocrisy can be seen.

On Navaratri festive time, the above-said kind of people starts conducting the debates against Indian tradition in well-known news channels. They call traditions as fundamentalism. They go to the extent to call India, abusively.

What have they spread?
For instance, they took the goddess picture and designed it as a common lady, who received the violence against her, for the entire year and for the Navaratri times, she is prayed. This is one of them!

Is India really bad towards women?
Most of the Indian society is responsive towards women and they protect and safeguard the women. When a woman goes to any village in India, most of them try to safeguard that woman. Yes, women are being harassed, and not given equality in society due to patriarchal thinking. But, Dussera is about anti-patriarchal. Fortunately, India is still in a better position to safeguard the life of the woman.

Dussera is victory over patriarchy and misogyny. The demons are the representation of beast power and patriarchy. Goddess Durga is the Feminist power, and according to the Indian epics, she brought the victory by killing the demon, patriarch beast power.

Is there any other humiliating propagandas against Indian Indic religion?
Yes, a few days ago, they said that the Rakhi was made up of cows skin, but the reality is, no one used the cow’s skin for rakhi. Moreover, most of the Indians believe that cows are holy and it is taboo to kill cows. In another propaganda, they called the festival Holi festival of wasting water!! They never call, firing crackers on new year day in the entire world as a threat to the environment. This is their selective war against Indic religions.

So, do not fall under the influence of these miscreants. When we become educated, we should think deeply about the purpose of celebrating festivals, we should not simply call them useless unless we found some wrong in that!

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