India is land of spirituality and we should not forget that, if superstitions are there, then it is also an undeniable fact.  In fact, we have fewer superstitions than the rest of the world.

The unfortunate incidents have been noticed by us through media. However, what is spirituality and what is superstition?

Spirituality tells us that, the power is within us, and also it makes us feel confident and it brings us out of superstitions as well. This makes us to believe in Karma theory which is nothing but, “what you sow, so you reap” idea.

Superstitions like ( “Vamachara Kshudra Upasana” )praying Evil Deity tells that Man can attain supernatural powers, is it true?

Man has supernatural powers and there is no need to follow such superstitions or praying Evil Deity at all. If a man works hard, he can create Zero which is needed to make a computer and a man can become astronomer, it is another supernatural power. Man can fly faster through an aeroplane and can treat the patients and cure their diseases but, not through naked prayers and night prayers.

Indian Hindu culture is a godless agnostic culture. But the interpretation has been going wrong.  One incident shocked the entire country today and the incident gave chills in the spine to everyone. A couple who are well educated and working as government and private college principals killed their children by being overly devoted and believing in superstitions.

When police went there they had been arguing with the police that, their kids would resurrect from death. The mother of the killed ladies said that they would come back and repeatedly requesting to wait for 24 hours.

Elder daughter of the couple was a post-graduate in a prestigious institute. She got a very good score in CAT and did her Post Graduation. And the younger daughter of the couple was learning music after her degree. Extremely good talented people well settled and well educated, but superstitions brought them all darkness in the couple life and the kids of the couple were killed. As per reports, there was some “wizard” who propagated the superstitions to this family, also involved in this incident but the incident id needed deeper investigation and how much the other person is involved has to be investigated.

Did overstressed minds make them believing in such spine-chilling prayers and superstitions?
As per the sources, the younger daughter started seeing some ghost, and in this regard, they had been praying and doing some procedure of prayers, on the day of mishap, the elder daughter killed the younger daughter with a dumbbell and said that she locked the soul of her younger sister, asked her mother to kill her. The mother did the same as said by the elder daughter. After, that, that mother started praying and waited for the resurrection.

The overly stressed elder daughter of the couple was involved in the spiritual practice of Rajinish Yogi and maybe she had been involved in religious activities from her childhood. The younger daughter had suffered from health issues like epilepsy and skin diseases. The couple prayed their deity and the younger daughter’s health became normal. They blindly believed that, only. She might be cured of the diseases due to health and the natural healing, but they started giving he credit to their deity only.

Maybe overly educated mind did not receive any relaxation and stressed could not become normal and pandemic gave much time to make the minds empty. As we know “the empty mind is the devil’s workshop” it may be acted in the same way.

We should not take the symbolisms as it is. We should decode, when we fail the right the logic we look at the straight meanings. To kill the darkness doesn’t mean darkness has the life, that is a metaphorical reference. At the same time, to kill the evil in us, does not mean to be killed, it means to stop the evil thoughts of harming others and self-harming.

Any form of superstition is not right, like killing innocent animals to please the deity or on any religious cause, or using magical oil to be cured of all the diseases starting from fever to kidney problems or being misogynist and patriarchal. Any form of superstition or religious belief without reason acts as a poison to our society. Indian society is knowledge-seeking society not superstitious 

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