COVID 19 is a virus. It is believed by WHO that the origin of the virus is from a wet market in Wuhan a city in China. However, a few people have been denying that and saying that the virus was prepared in a virology laboratory. Shockingly, the biggest virology lab in Asia is in Wuhan.

How and when it reached India: On 30th January 2020, the first case was identified in Kerala. The patient travelled from Wuhan city in China, the city which was the original place of this virus. It rose to three by February 2020 all the three were students returning from Wuhan. On March 4, 22 new cases were reported that they were infected with novel coronavirus including 14 Italian tourists to India.

The first COVID 19 fatality recorded on 27th March 2020. The patient was a 75 years old man who travelled to Saudi Arabia and reached India later.

The religious congregations – Super spreaders:
There were mainly three religious group congregations happened, which resulted in the spreading of the virus. A Sikh preacher with travel history to Germany and Italy attended a religious congregation in Anandpur Sahib, during 10-12 March 2020. He became a super spreader and 27 COVID cases were traced back to him. Over 40,000 people in 20 villages were in quarantine.

Early in the month of March Thablighi Jamath in Delhi was held, this congregation happens every year by Muslim evangelists. It was conducted in Nizamuddin Markaz Mosque. This religious congregation turned to be a Super spreader event. It resulted in 4,000 confirmed cases and 27 deaths linked to this event. Around 40,000 people all over India were quarantined. Tamil Nadu was the most affected state due to this religious congregation. 364 out of 411 tested positives who attended this event.

After this religious congregation, on May 2nd 4000 stranded pilgrims who returned from Hazur Sahib in Nanded, Maharasthra, to Punjab. In this travel, around 1, 225 people were tested positive.

Another hotspot of COVID and super spreader was Koyambedu market:
Koyambedu Market is a wholesale market. It is Asia’s largest market and in normal days one lakh visitors can be seen. It is a very densely populated market. Very congested market. It was the reason for many corona cases. There was no possibility of social distancing in this market. After lockdown, at relaxation time, people used to rush and the customers of this market used to be more than two lakhs. It resulted in the spillover of cases in several districts in Tamil Nadu.

What is the reason for the spread? The only reason for COVID was moving without social distancing. If we observe the religious congregations or the Koyambedu kind of market, social distancing is not possible. The masks in the religious congregation are also almost not possible. So, these are a few super spreaders, which made us think for many times to step out of our homes.

Community Spread: For a long time the government has denied recognising COVID 19 as community spread, but now, community spread is there though the government denies it or accepts it.

What is community spread: If someone is tested COVID positive and the actual spreader or the main contact of infection could not be traced out, that is called community spread.


1. One should maintain the social distancing

2. One should wear a mask and

3. Gloves are also important

4. One should not touch one’s face

5. Frequent hand wash and sanitization of hands

These are the steps to keep yourself hygienic.

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