The freedom struggle of Indians is different from the freedom struggle against the cruel Nizam and Razakar’s rule. Nizam made the majority Hindu community as his slaves. If the people take the religion Islam they were exempted from all the taxes and slavery. Many people thought if they convert to another religion, it was like selling their soul, they felt it was the question of self-respecting.

Who are these Nizams?
If we search the meaning of “Nizam” we find the meaning as “The Turkish regular army “Nizams were an army under the Mughals.
After Quli Qutub Shah’s defeat by Mughals, Akkana, and Madonna, the ministers were stabbed and killed on the road of Golkonda, Asaf Zahi dynasty was established and continued to rule the Deccan, who is also called as Nizams. To attain autonomy, they fought with the Mughal Governor Mubariz Khan and defeated him. By that time, Aurangzeb had also passed away, so they attained autonomy.
After the British’s control over the entire India, Nizam sultans became a faithful ally to the British.

What are their atrocities?
Many Hindu rituals were banned by Mir Usman Ali Khan the last and 7th Nizam. People had undergone innumerable tortures.

Religious supremacy:
Hindus were treated as second class citizens. No one was allowed to conduct Yajnas, a Hindu ritual, Bhajans, or any rituals. All were restricted. If the marriage had to be conducted, Hindus had to pay tax for it. In the government jobs according to one calculation by the Nizam government, only 262 Hindus used to work and 2094 were Muslims. The biased regime was continued by Mir Usman Ali Khan and his ancestors.

The unnamed slavery was there. Many people had to work under the landlords who used to get the Nizam’s support. Unbearable atrocities were done by the landlords and Razakars. The civilians had to be present in front of the landlord if ordered and the punishments were cruel and brutal. The accused was tied to a pole and was beaten by a stick for the entire day under the blistering sun. Like this many punishments were there. Some of them broke their legs, ribs, and even lost lives. There were about 80 types of taxes including the marriage tax.

Education institutions:
A few politicians have been calling the last Nizam as a philanthropist, but he has not allowed running the schools in other mediums. The only medium was Urdu at Osmania University. A few schools and one or two colleges were established which used to run in Telugu and other mediums on many requests and repeated appeals. A school in Maratha medium was granted but it was in Chikkada Palli. Chikkada means the mud, 7th Nizam granted a muddy land, which was a place of tigers. Somehow the parents and students managed to study there.
Saying Vande Mataram and wearing Dhoti (Indian traditional dress) was prohibited and at that time, many Osmania students shouted Vandemataram and wore Dhoti, and about 350 students were rusticated and a letter was sent with their details to all the universities asking not to enroll them, somehow, Nagpur university granted the admission, and Sri PV Narasimha Rao, Sri Hayagreeva Charyulu were among those 350 students.

The Razakars atrocities:
Razakar’s system was started by Khasim Razvi. He wanted 7th Nizam as a ruler and he was against the rule of the Indian government or any other government. Under the banner of Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen, a political wing in favor of Nizam, he made a private force that used to suppress the basic rights like doing Pooja and homas. The Razakars used to attack the villages. They used to set the villages on fire. They used to kill beat rape and mutilate the body parts of the people.

The train compartment incident:
When people were talking about the atrocities of Nizam, a lady rose up and undressed in front of all and when an old man somehow asked her why she did like that, she said that she was brutally beaten and was tied to a tree. She had shown the marks of lashes on her body to everybody in that train compartment. This was a real incident, which happened when the train crossed Gudivada railway station, and it was published in Krishna Magazine on July 16th, 1948.

Shoaibullah Khan, one of the great journalists:
Shoebulah Khan was a great journalist who had progressive thinking, he was a sub-editor in Rayath magazine which was banned by Nizam later, again started another magazine and wrote against the atrocities and undemocratic ways of the ruling of Nizam in his magazine Imroze. Mundumala Narasimha Rao was the press owner.
One day, Khasim Rizvi organized a meeting and appealed to the Razakars to kill whoever writes against the Nizam. A few Razakars reached the Imroze magazine office and killed him by shooting him from point-blank for thrice and his hand was chopped because of writing against Nizam in the year 1947 August 22nd / 23rd.

Arya Samaj:
In making the freedom fighters, Arya Samaj played an important role. Arya Samaj’s followers made a great contribution in fighting for the restoration of their Hindu traditions and made them strong through dedicated gymnasiums, which energized the public to face Razakars.
Ravi Narayan Reddy also went to Arya Samaj, the other freedom fighters from Aryasamaj were: Pandit Narendra Ji, Vinayak Rao Vidyalankar, Keshavrao Korat, Radha Krishna, who was stabbed by the Arab on the road for conducting homa, Sraddananda, Baswa Manayya, even beggars used to sing songs about Baswa Manayya, who contributed his entire life for the revolution against Nizam. He was arrested and tortured, in an attack by Razakars, he lost his brother, his wife, and son. Dhanji Purohit, who gave his entire property for the revolution against the Nizam’s oppressive power.

The Bomb attack on Nizam:
There was a bomb attack by Narayana Rao Pawar, Ganga Ram Arya, and Jagadish Arya. They were arrested and Narayana Rao Pawar was sentenced to death punishment and Ganga Ram Arya was imprisoned for life and when asked to sign Mafinama, the apology, his mother rejected to do so. However, they were released after operation Polo.

Operation Polo:
Operation polo began and the information about the weapons and explosives were given by Vandhemataram Ramachandra Rao, to KM Munshi in Indian resident. Through this information, the Police action force changed its way and entered Hyderabad.

Did our governments recognise these freedom fighters?
The Indian government or the state governments did not recognize their fight against the oppressors, Nizam, and Razakars. The freedom fighters spent their life unrecognized and the Nizam’s followers got recognition and were made ministers. For example, Ganga Ram Arya, spent the rest of his life, unrecognized as a barber in his very small shop. And the followers of Nizam became ministers many times.

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