The terrorism has no boundaries it seems. Recently in a terror attack in Kabul at a book exhibition, the Taliban terrorists attacked and killed many students.

The 26/11 style of killing:

The terrorists entered the area with rifles and with no control started firing. Many were killed and the blood gushed out of the bodies of the innocent students.

The security forces:

The security forces immediately rushed to the place and tried to catch three of them but one person committed suicide and the two were shot dead.

Rescuing victims:

The victims of this shameful and gruesome act were taken to hospital and due to the darkness, the rescuing is delayed.

What did the Taliban say?

Taliban disowned this gruesome attack and said that it wasn’t their act.

Have they been attending the peace talks:

The Thalinbans have been attending the peace talks and trying to solve the problem. America also trying to bring their troops from Afghanistan but, the attacks have been continuing.

Whose work would it be?

There could be another group in the Taliban who might not be stopped by the leaders.

The number of terrorist attacks is increased in the world, what the message is given by this incident?

The terrorist might have an agenda and they might have been organising it with proper coordination.

What is to be done by the governments:

Immediately the governments should increase the intelligence and army protection to the citizens. The irony in this incident is already Thalibans have been attending the peace pact meeting.

What is the strategic solution:

The strategic solution is to make the world’s powerful nations to come to gather and form an international policing and detecting system.

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