When the government tries to safeguard the rights of everyone in Kashmir, sometimes, it gets failed due to the Terrorists. A similar incident took place in Kashmir. A Punjab Jeweler, Satpal Nischal (65) was shot dead.  The police have been suspecting the terrorists behind this, as this businessman and his family got the domicile status in Jammu And Kashmir State after the abrogation of article 370 and 35 A. Satpal has been living in Srinagar for many years and he is liked by the Muslim neighbours as well.

Why is this?
The intolerance towards other religions is the basic problem with these terrorists. Before freedom, India has witnessed the massacre on the religion-based has seen and during partition and after freedom was also seen by the Indian society and the Indian politicians.

Pre-independence violence was from tolerance and after independence is from intolerance and after freedom, we have been facing the problem with Pakistan.

Even the exodus of 3 to 6 lakh Kashmir Pandits and other Hindu and Sikh minorities, who had been staying in Kashmir from their forefathers, were pushed out of Kashmir. The Kashmiri Pandits have been living there from past 5000+ years as per the epics and of only the historical sources should be seen even in this from past 2 to 3 thousand. This ethnic cleansing was tolerated by the then government.

Article 370 and Article 35A Abrogation:
The exclusiveness of the Jammu and Kashmir gave poverty to the state and encouragement to Pakistan terrorist groups. And an opportunity for the politicians. The abrogation was a good move. The terrorists should not be tolerated. The abrogation of both the articles included Jammu And Kashmir’s special status sent shivers to the separatists’ spine. By abrogation, India made J and K an integral part of India.

This made the terrorist groups furious:
After the abrogation of the special status of Kashmir, along with 370 and 31A, the government encourages the people to start a business and live in Kashmir as well, which could bring normalcy to Kashmir’s people.

In the same manner, Satpal Nischal was also shot dead in Sri Nagar. There is Pakistan’s hand in every Indian destruct activity.

However,  to avoid such incidents, more attention is required in Jammu and Kashmir. The government should have given protection to the people who ask for a domicile state.

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