The CID of Andhra Pradesh arrested a pastor, called Praveen Chakravarthy, who is from Kakinada.

He had posted a few provocative videos which are insulting the Hindu deities. He had been spreading discord between different religions.

He said in a video that, he made 699 Christ Villages and this video is uploaded in water life international. This organization asks money from different people in the USA who wish to serve the poor and needy. There is some specific fixed cost for, a water well, it chares 3500 USD, and to distribute clean water to some poor people, and charging 1000 USD, and like this Praveen has been making money. When we look at these organizations little deeply, we can understand that it is all about changing the religion by luring innocent people with money.

The fund he gets:
According to sources, he had been getting the funds for Silom Blind centre and for Set free organization. He has been getting in crores.  His organization Sylome Pastor league. In this, he has been organizing 3000 pastors under him.

Is it a diversionary act of the AP government:
There could be a method to divert the media and people from AP government, but, he intends to change the demographics. He has been getting the money from the USA. Praveen has been working according to the targets of conversions set by those religious groups from the USA. He should be punished severely but, he is not only who is responsible for attacking the Hindu temples, but the provocative pastors all are also responsible.  A few Christian missionaries, openly discarding the Hindus and Christians and thought to bring unity in certain religious group to stand against India.

Pastor Vijay Kumar insulted ” Bharath Matha” Mother India and was arrested and very recently Pastor Honey Johnson also made a short film, who insulted Lord Shiva.

India is a secular country where every religion has the right to practice and propagate but not by insulting the Indian religion – Hindu.

The people may be raged by some pastors, to destroy the temple and idols. Strict action to enforce the law is the only way to curb such activities. 

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