Introduction to English Calendar in India happened through the English and European colonies.

What is the dedicated Indian calendar?
There is Panchang in India and this has been in use from the Vedic period.

What is Panchangam?
The name Panchang is derived from two root words namely Pancha (five) and Ang (aspects) meaning it works with five different kinds of inputs namely day of the week (Vara), lunar day (Thithi), constellation (Nakshatra), Yoga and Karana.

The reason behind less use of Panchang:
The learned people in the Vedic period used to look at the Panchang and used to guide the people who were not learned. Later, in the post-Vedic period, the caste started prevailing in society, and one caste used to take the first chance of learning Vedas and easy access to Nanchang. The people used to ask scholars who were born in a certain caste. Because of this, the Indian calendar became inaccessible to all the common people.

As said above, the panchang is completely based on the seasons and astronomy as well. The calculations are near to perfect.

Gregorian calendar:
Most of the world is celebrating the Gregorian calendar and its new year, which is not based on precise and near to perfect calculations like “Panchang”, which is far superior to the present-day calendar, or Gregorian Calendar.  Before the origin of the Gregorian Calendar, there was Julian Calendar which was used by the western world. There are simple calculations for this. The introduction of the Gregorian calendar depicted in relief on the tomb of Pope Gregory XIII in St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City. It was proclaimed in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII as a reform of the Julian calendar.

Difference between Julian and Gregorian calendar:
The Julian calendar has two types of the year: “normal” years of 365 days and “leap” years of 366 days. … The difference in the average length of the year between Julian (365.25 days) and Gregorian (365.2425 days) is 0.002%, making the Julian 10.8 minutes longer.

If we compare Gregorian Calendar and Indian Panchang, Panchang is the far better one as the astronomical calculations are the basis for the Panchang.

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