Economic difficulties are engulfing society due to COVID 19 Pandemic. A few sectors are majorly affected and many people lost their vocation. The function Halls, The Film Theatres, the multiplexes, hotels and restaurants, and many more, which need direct public interaction to maintain them. One of the majorly affected sectors is Cinema theatre, which is connected to film making.

Film industry:
Cinemas also come under the film industry. If we exclude it, then also, the film industry has a huge number of taxpayers who are in no work condition. Starting from Producers, Actors, and Directors to light boys, junior actors, etc.

How many theatres are there?
There are about 6780 single screens and 2100 multiplex theatres, and lakhs of people have been working. If we take a multiplex theatre, for instance, i. ticket vendor ii. Ushers (a person who welcomes and shows the seat in cinemas) iii. Popcorn seller iv. Watchmen v. operator vi. Basic electrician vii. Managers and more people required to take care of a film theatre. So, on estimation, the number of immediate unemployed people may creep up to some lakhs.

Who else gets affected, if theatres are at rest?
The filmmakers and most importantly, the distributors are affected. Many film distributors are without work from the past six months in India.

The street vendors near theatres:
Near single screens, moreover, in small towns, we could find several small vendors, who sell eatables on food wagons and motorless wagons. The number of those people all over India could be in lakhs.

The major demand of theatre owners:
Recently, the multiplex owners and single theatre owners’ representatives met the central government and requested them to give the flexibility to open with SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Was the representation successful?
The representation was successful, and the central government has permitted the theatres to open from unlock 5.0

Economic aid to small screens should be there!
The West Bengal government has given economic aid to single screens, to make them withstand the pandemic losses. This kind of encouragement should be given to single-screen theatres.

Why should a single Screen be encouraged?
The single Screens are near rural India. They make money but extreme profits are not to be expected due to the limited market. Not only that, but the single screen also remained as a legacy of 100 years of Indian cinema. People used to come to theatres on bullock carts to enjoy the film. Their love and appreciation for the art brought the film industries to the heights. The single-screen theatres are part of that legacy.

In Post Pandemic conditions, the theatres will have to face economic losses for a few more months. Many people may reject the idea of watching films in the theatre for a brief time. But the revival of the theatres will definitely happen!

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