The IAS and IPS officers attitude has been giving the hard time for the commoners in India. A few months ago, in a marriage function, who were celebrating the marriage as per the rules and regulations of COVID rules, all of sudden The District Magistrate entered the function, and slapped the bridegroom and kicked the priest. And shouted tore the permission papers. His behaviour and words were very rude.

In another incident, an IAS officer slapped a poor man who was trying to get the medicines.

When there is an emergency and medicines are needed, and if the prescription is there they are to be allowed to take medicines but, in this kind of situation, a common man was slapped by the IAS officer and his phone was struck to the ground by him.

In the other incident, on a health emergency, a person was going to donate blood to Seethakka’s mother, the person was stopped by the IPS officer (DCP Rakshitha) and the police humiliated the donor. Though Seethakka the MLA had called tried to talk to the police officer, she did not hear. Seethakkka expressed her disappointment through social media.

Are they special and is it British time?
In many countries, we could see a lot of changes in the administration and police system, but in India, it has been taking a too long time to evolve as different from the British culture of administrating and policing.

Still, the appeals and letters to the SP and Collectors sound as if they were addressed by the people as the British officers.  The focus on psychometric analysis and behaviour skills should be developed and for that, IAS and IPS officers should get the training. The compassion and respecting the common people should be there.

What is so special about any officer? All are equal in this nation. The common man was slapped and his phone was smashed by the same officer! Insulted and his belonging, which is bought by his hard-earned money, was damaged!! The money in this pandemic, is hard to earn, though he is ready to work hard.

The following could be the reasons!
The attitude of Juniors towards the public and zero empathy towards their pain.
Superior Quality of officers and demeaning advice they get from juniors.
Performance pressure because of accountability and answerability.
Service Delivery will be severely impacted if they are not.
Concurrence of Thoughts is grossly missing.

They must make their juniors know that there is only one boss and that’s him.

There should be changed in the education system with values, which could help them to stick to compassion and righteous behaviour.

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