India is a place where there is a lot of tolerance for the people who even support the barbaric acts. Recently, a famous poet Munawwar Rana said in an interview that, the act of beheading the French teacher was right. He also questioned, the interviewer what would he do if his parents were shown like, in the picture of Charlie Hebdo. Showing one religious person and a prophet is definitely condemnable, there is no doubt about that, but, physical assault is bad and if the other person is killed than it is called extremely barbaric.

Who is Munawwar Rana?

Munawwar Rana is a famous Hindi, Urdu and Avadh poet and an “Award Wapasi” who returned the Sahithya Academy award to the country saying that, India is intolerant. If there is any intolerance, that’s great that he returned the award but, the same rules and the same rights are there with all the people. If one encourages free speech and if one condemns the lynching, then how one can’t condemn the French barbaric act of beheading?

If a minority religion gets affected and if any person dies in unusual conditions, all the supporters of atheism and free speech come together and raise their voice and won’t delay in returning the award which was given by the government.

Rallies in India against France?

It is a strange phenomenon and a dangerous one as well. A few Indians belonging to one religion, agitating against France, due to the French president’s strong condemn and ordering strong action against the beheading of a teacher and killing of a woman in a church. Charlie Hebdo magazine office was attacked a few years ago and people were killed. But there was no word came out of so-called intellectuals and liberal thinkers. Munnawar Rana kind of people who are regarded as great poets of India, should not show bigotry.

There are rallies around India, and people who have been participating are influenced by religion not by country. If people are not motivated by a unified thought of nation and motivated by religion, it becomes difficult for a country to handle them. And it is a sign of danger.

Madhya Pradesh Police has booked around 2,000 people, including a Congress MLA who was one of the key organisers of the event, for violating lockdown norms after nearly 5,000 people assembled in Bhopal’s Iqbal Maidan on Thursday to protest French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks in the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon row. Arif Mohammad is the MLA of congress who has violated the lockdown rules. This time, we can’t find any Gandhis who oppose this so-called people’s representative.

Responsive Intellectuals?

The intellectuals didn’t bother about the three sadhus who were lynched by a village mob. When MF Hussain painted the Hindu gods and goddess’ naked and vulgar also there was no response from them. Nikita Thomar was killed, no famous liberals and intellectuals have spoken about the incident. There was no news also, in January, when Bhainsa riots happened and the so-called human rights activists and the award returners also not ready to raise their voice? There were Bangalore riots happened and no one dared to speak against it.

Akbaruddin Owaisi:

Akbaruddin Owaisi made derogatory comments many a time. Once, he even asked the police to stay away for 15 minutes and he said he would wipe out the Hindus in India. The same politician insulted the Hindu gods and goddess, no one condemns his actions.

We know what happened in 1990 in Jammu and Kashmir and no one speaks about that!! Not even politicians!!

There is clear bigotry! People of India have been identifying the same. Everyone should be treated equally and in our country, in Bihar, at Durga Devi pandal at a small town, the police opened fire for violating the COVID rules and one young boy was killed and in Iqbal Meydan, no police dared to take any action immediately. It is not at all recommended to open fire or kill any other religious brothers of mother India but, the strict rules and regulations should be equally there. If the rules should be implemented impartially, without hoping for the minority votes or the certain section of votes, as a result, all the people including all the religions, follow and share the patriotic thought process in  India.

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