Twitter has shown Leh the capital of Ladhak as a part of Jammu and Kashmir in the People Republic of China. The geographical location on Twitter has been showing like that. This brings the doubt if Twitter is biased? Not only this, but a famous knowledge sharing website is also giving fake information.

Strong warning by the Indian government to CEO of Twitter:
This mistake is taken very seriously by the Indian government. The Indian government within a couple of days wrote a strongly worded letter.

What was there in the letter?
Indian government expressed dismay over the social media giants’ act of misrepresentation of India map. In the letter, the Indian government asserted that any attempt to disrespect the country’s sovereignty and integrity would not be accepted. This letter was written by IT secretary of the Indian government, Ajay Sawhney to the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. IT Secretary said that such acts bring not only disrepute to Twitter but also raises the neutrality and fairness as an intermediary. He also reminded the Social giant that, Leh is also the HeadQuarters of Ladakh as well as Jammu and Kashmir both are integral and inseparable parts of India.

How did we come to know?
During a live session by Nithin Gokhale, a defense analyst from India went to Leh and made a live session. Outside the Leh airport, he found this mistake of locating wrongly. Even when the Kushak Bakula airport was being tagged, it was tagged as the People Republic of China. The area called Hall of fame, a dedicated place to commemorate the soldiers who were martyred while protecting the boundary, has also been shown as the People Republic of China which is not at all acceptable to Indians.

Is Leh near China?
Actually, Leh is very far away from even Aksai Chin, which was occupied by China.

Cell phone manufacturers Xiaomi wrong geo-positioning:
The cell phone manufacturing company, Xiaomi has been showing Arunachal Pradesh as part of China. If the company has been doing business with India, it should respect the Indian nation and work impartially.

Is it new to misrepresent India or misinform the world about India?
No, it is not new to a few media houses and social media to show India wrongly. A knowledge-sharing media has shown wrongly about many India related articles.

The links with the anti-nationalistic and anti-Indian supporters?
The knowledge sharing media has been showing like this after a sponsor’s meeting with Pakistan PM during PM Modi’s visit to the US. Even before that, so-called media has been sharing anti-India content which disrespects the Indian religions, regions, and cultures.

When will it come to an end?
The only way to end such biased media house propagandas and mobile companies misleading and insulting gestures, through “Make in India” even the social media should also be engineered by Indians indigenously.

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