29th August 1905 is a notable date for all Indians, which is a famous hockey player, Dhyanchand’s birthday. We have been celebrating 29th August as the sports day on the birth anniversary of Sri Dhyanchand, who was called a wizard due to his magic of hockey playing. Due to his extraordinary performance and his team’s performance India won the Olympic gold medal in 1928, 1932, and in 1936. Once he went to the Netherlands and the Netherlands officials wanted to test his hockey stick, if there was any magnate was there in his bat, and when he went to Berlin, a woman asked him to play with her walking stick and he played with the same skillfully. Those were the skills he was with.

It is not great to win the gold medal only, but he set records that could not be broken till date. Though the Indian players were treated as second class citizens, they all played and proved themselves best. He served as captain of the team also. After his retirement, he served as a coach to the Indian hockey team.

Why was he so great apart from being a skillful player?
Dhyanchand was offered the Clonal position by Hitler, but he refused and said that he was interested in playing for the Indian team. The Second World War had not begun, Germany was one of the richest countries in those days, moreover, it was not any colony and Germany was more powerful than Britain and French by that time. The economy of Germany was growing, still, he rejected the position offered by Germany fuhrer Hitler.  He rejected the position because he loved his country more than anything. He had immense dedication to play for the country. In the present time, if anyone is offered a better position by any rich nation, they will be ready to move to make their fortune. After his retirement, he served the team as a coach. After his retirement from being a coach, India did well for a few years only.

Was he recognized?
Unfortunately, talents are lately recognized. The lateness is after the death of so-called players and skilled people who dedicate their lives. Sri Dhyan Chand settled in Jhansi. He survived with his wife and seven children. His son was also a player. He spent the rest of his life unrecognized. After his retirement, he reached Jhansi and spent his life in poverty. He died of liver cancer in the year 1979 December 3rd. After many appeals from many people, the government recognized his services and started giving sports awards on his birth date. When he was alive, no government agency or no minster made any efforts to meet him and aid for his treatment.

Many athletes and sportsmen are ignored by the government. The certain ministry should take care of the retired sportsmen. A few athletes have joined gangs of thieves and some others started taking up their family work. There is an example of DattaRam Hindlekar, uncle of famous cricketer Vijay Manjrekar, who died unrecognized and in poverty. The tragic part was he could not spend money on his ill health, and after his death to raise the fund for his family, the office where he worked, they organized cabaret dance.

On the other hand, sports and games other than cricket and tennis are being ignored and there is much corruption from the beginning levels. The government should work on this and should take stringent action against corruption in sports.

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