1. Spiking COVID cases in one day! COVID cases crossed 60000+ mark in 24 hours. India, officially 2.05% death rate is there. TRS MLA Rama Linga Reddy passed away due to corona. Uninformed deaths are still unnoticed.
  1. Girish Chandra Murmu appointed as CAG of India: Girish Chandra Murmu, from 1985 IAS batch officer of Gujarat cadre, appointed as Comptroller and Auditor general.
  1. Sushanth Singh Rajput’s case in CBI hands: Sushanth Singh Rajput’s case in the hands of CBI. Rhea Chakraborthy was interrogated by CBI. She is in the custody of CBI.
  1. 12 Years old minor girl was raped and stabbed with scissors: In Delhi, a minor girl was raped and stabbed using scissors. Though Nirbhaya act is enforced, controlling crime rate is becoming very tough.
  1. Michelle Obama is suffering from low-grade depression: Michelle expressed her grief about the spiking cases of corona and due to intolerance and racial discrimination in America.
  1. Trump says Corona vaccine available before elections: USA President Trump says that the vaccine could be available before the US presidential elections, November 5th.
  1. Oaxaca, Mexico, the first state to prohibit sugary drinks: Oaxaca, Mexico prohibited sugary drinks and junk food for children. One of the reasons for lifestyle disorders is drinking sugary drinks and eating junk food.
  1. Glenmark releases Fabiflu 400: Indian pharmaceutical company released Fabiflu for mild and moderate treatment of COVID. It has released Fabiflu 200mg previously.
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