1.LAC Confrontation with China: China said that they wanted the disengagement as the winter will approach and accused India of transgressing into LAC and said that, Indian soldiers fired shots to deter the China Guards.

2.BMC serves notice to Kangana: As Kangana said the previous day, the BMC issued the notices to stop the construction of the film house of her, Manikarnika films. She alleged the Maharashtra police and government on the Sushanth Singh Rajput’s case, as both of them not fairly taken up the case.

3. Russia develops spacesuits for Indian astronauts: The Russian space agency “Zvezda” has been developing the spacesuits for the Indian astronauts for Gaganyan.

4. Telugu actor passes away: Telugu actor and stage artist Mr. Jayapraksh Reddy passed away this morning due to cardiac arrest. He acted in many plays and films. He is renowned for speaking different accents in the Telugu language.

5.Corona update: Including a 24 hours spike of 75809 CORONA cases, India mounted the CORONA cases number to 4280423.

6. Russia completes second COVID 19 vaccine trails: Siberia’s Vector Virology Institute completed its early-stage human trials which is also called stage II

7.Strong India: According to the recent statistics COVID 19 Cases per million population stands at 3102 and it is among the lowest in the world.

8.Major Five:  The Union Health Ministry said that 70% of deaths due to Corona are from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

9.14 states and Union Territories are better: According to the Secretary of Union Health Ministry, Rajesh Bushan, there are 14 states and Union Territories which have less than 5000 cases.

10. Death Rate slow down: Rajesh Bushan the secretary of the Ministry of Health said that the case fatality rate has declined from 2.15% to 1.70%

11.HC asks to carry Aadhar for COVID testing: High Court directed the people to carry the Aadhar card for the ICMR testing.

12. HC says no need for Doctor Prescription: HC directed that there is no need to have the doctor’s prescription for COVID 19 RT-PCR test.

13. Rahul Gandhi blames the Indian government for raising COVID: This is another jibe from Rahul Gandhi. He blamed the government for its mismanagement of COVID cases and handling the GDP and the economy of the nation.

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