1.Kangana Ranaut’s film house demolition a political vendetta? The common people raised the question of the demolition of Kangana’s film house demolition. However, she said that she would demolish the pride and ego of Uddhav Thackery, the CM of Maharashtra.

2. Kangana’s film house case adjourned till 22nd September: Kangana Ranaut’s case of her film house was adjourned till 22nd of September 2020. She visited the partially demolished building.

3. The government aims to create 5 crore employees through MSME: Union Minister of road and transportation and HighWays and MSME, Nithin Gadkari said that the Indian government has been trying to create 5 crore employees, and in this sector already 11 crore employees are employed.

4. Jay Shankar may meet China counterpart: External Affairs Minister Jayram Shankar will be meeting the Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, on the sidelines of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) meeting in Russia on Thursday.

5. India recorded 95735 new COVID cases: India has recorded the highest number of COVID cases in 24 hours, that the number is about 95735, and a total of 44 lakh and the death toll crosses the 75, 000 mark. Though the fatality rate has come down to 1.68%

6. PM says to turn the challenges as opportunities: PM Narendra Modi, in his address in conclave, Kaushal Acharya 2020. He said that entire India is part of Atma Nirbhar and said one should be self- reliable and also said that the time has come to accept the challenges and consider them as opportunities.

7. West Bengal resumes the Kolkata metro train: The metro train services will be available from 14th September 2020 and the timings will be from morning 8 am to 7:00 pm with the maximum gap of 15 minutes between two metro trains. The lockdown is canceled on 13th September amid NEET exams. Students should carry admit cards.

8. Jana Sena and BJP 11 hours Dharma Parirakshana Deeksha: Jana Sena and BJP and other Hindu Voluntary organizations, participated in Dharma Parirakshana Deeksha the 11 hours hunger strike against the continuous attacks on Hindu temples. From the vandalizing of the idols of Pithapuram idols to the recent chariot firing was considered a serious conspiracy by Hindu voluntary organizations like Shiva Shakthi and even actor turned politician Sri Pawan Kalyan also participated in this hunger strike from his Hyderabad residence. Asked for a CBI inquiry in this matter.

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