1. Elections in Bihar shocked the media: The media and their debates were shocked by the latest results of Bihar elections. BJP has got the majority of votes among all the parties

2. Madhya Pradesh by-poll: Madhya Pradesh by-poll shocked the congress leadership. The comments of Kamal Nath coated them losing this election. Majority of seats have won by BJP. 

3. Dubbaka Dangal: In Telangana State, Dubbaka by-poll resulted in winning of BJP leader Raghunandan Rao. TRS BJP and Congress competed in this constituency. 

4. Odisha by-polls: As expected, BJD won both the assembly constituencies. Balasor and Tirtol, both of them were wondering by BJD itself. 

5. JDU and BJP almost won: BJP and JDU won almost won the elections with 121 and Maha Ghat Bandhan in 109. LJP 1 seat and others 32. 

6. BJP single largest party: BJP evolved as a single largest party to win elections with 74 seats in Bihar. 

7. Amith shah calls Nitish Kumar: Union Minister Amith Shah called Nitish Kumar. However, the talks are not revealed, but they had a phone call

8. Final match between DC VS MI: DC scored 156/7 (20). Both the teams did extremely good in their previous matches.

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