1.    COVID update: In the last 24 hours 55342 new COVID infections were registered. This is the lowest number in the past 63 days.

2.    Soumithra Chtargjee on ventilator: Bengal veteran actor and Dadasaheb Phalke award winner was tested COVID positive and admitted into Bellevue Nursing Home on October 6th and now on a ventilator. His health deteriorated today and on life support.

3.    Tanishq takes back the ad: A day after viciously trolled in twitter, the Titan Ltd owned gold jewellery company withdrawn its campaign Ekatwam (Oneness) from all media platforms.

4.    Maharashtra Governor Bhagath Singh Koushyari questions CM Udhav Thakarey: Maha politics are ever fascinating, Bhagath Singh Koushiari, wrote a letter to CM Udhav Thakarey asking to open the temple. His lines are surfacing on the internet now. He called Udhav Thackery, Hindutva votary yet not opened the temples and he mentioned that the Delhi government has opened the temples in June but there was no surge of COVID 19.

5.    National Conference says Farooq Abdullah comments are twisted: National Conference backed Farooq Abdullah and said that the comments were twisted by media. Earlier, Farooq Abdullah, said that with the support of China they would restore the article 370 and 35A and also, said that, the by-product of article 370 abrogation was the tensions between India and China.

6.    India retaliated to Pakistan: Pakistan continuous attacks along LOC, made the Indian army to retaliate rightly.

7.    FIR booked on Kangana: On the comments made by Kangana on the protests in Karnataka against the farm bills, a court in Karnataka ordered the police to book an FIR.

8.    IPL Match update: In a match yesterday, Royal Challengers Bangalore, scored 194/2. In response to this score, Kolkata Knight Riders chased the score but utterly failed, to reach the set target. It only scored 112/9.

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