1. India comes down on Pakistan and Turkey: In Geneva in the 46th session of the human rights council, Pakistan and Turkey attacked India verbally saying that, India had violated the human rights in Jammu and Kashmir, in the right to reply, India came down upon Pakistan and Turkey saying that, there was no need to make India learn about democracy and India mentioned about the atrocities of Pakistan on its minority religious people, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa areas. On behalf of India, ambassador Pavan Badhe questioned. Badhe also questioned about the terrorist infiltration by Pakistan

2.COVID Update: India crossed the 50 Lakh mark with the latest 90000 new COVID cases, and 1290 deaths in the last 24 hours. The exact number is 50, 20, 360 including the ninety thousand new cases.

3.Letter from opposition to Rajyasabha chairman on the debate on COVID: The opposition party, congress asked the Rajya Sabha to hold a debate on the COVID 19 pandemic and the government’s actions to mitigate the infection. There will be a debate on this.

4.“Samna” Praises Jaya Bachan: The Shiv Sena party’s mouthpiece Samna praised actress and Rajyasabha MP Jaya Bachan for her speech on Bollywood and drugs against Kangana Ranaut and Actor and politician MP Ravi Kishan.

5.Urmila fires on Kangana: Senior actress Urmila lashes out at Kangana on her claims about Bollywood and its connections with drugs and nepotism. She asked why Kangana did not wage war against the drug mafia in her state and said not to waste the taxpayers’ money by providing “Y” category security.

6. Minister of Home affairs, Kishan Reddy announces details of border infiltration: Kishan Reddy announced in Parliament that, Indian security forces neutralized 138 terrorists and 50 security persons attained the martyrdom during neutralizing the terrorists, cross-firing during Pakistan’s ceasefire violation and there were 111 successful infiltrations by terrorists and the minister said that they are zero percent intolerant on terrorism and terrorists.

7. The Drug Controller General of India has given orders to resume the clinical trials: Drug Controller of India has nodded for the clinical trials of the COVID 19 vaccine, for its phase two and three. The DCGI also revoked its earlier order to suspend the recruitment for phase II and III trials.

8. A few politicians trying to bring language division politics: In Karnataka, through social media, a few politicians have been trying to bring the political momentum through hating Hindi in Karnataka. They came up with the slogans which tell “ We don’t want Hindi “ which may go to the extent to hate the Hindi speaking people in Karnataka

9. Congress called June 19 as a black day in Indian history: Pawan Khera, the Congress spokesperson said on Wednesday that, PM Modi lied on June 19 about the transgression of China into LAC of India and called it as a black day.

10. Kangana counters Jaya Bachan on “Thali” comments: Kangana Ranaut in her counter to Jaya Bachan said that she made her own “Thali” by decorating it with women empowerment and patriotism in Bollywood.

11.Police security beef up to Bachan family: In Mumbai, Jalsa the Bachan’s house was beefed up by the Maharashtra police after Jaya Bachan’s speech in Rajya Sabha on drug links with Bollywood.

12. Babri Masjid case judgment will be on 30th September: CBI judge YK Yadav will announce the judgment on the demolition of Babri masjid on 30th September and asked all the 32 accused to be present in the court on that day. The accused includes BJP senior-most leader LK Advani, Uma Bharathi, former CM Kalyan Singh, MM Joshi, etc.

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