1. Building collapsed in Bhimwadi Maharashtra: A 30 years old building was collapsed in Bhimwadi and 13 people killed and 21 people injured. An inquiry commission appointed under the chairmanship of Additional Commissioner Omprakash Dive. More than 10 people were stuck under the building debris.

2. PM Modi conveyed his deepest condolences: PM Modi expressed his condolences to the bereaved families of the building which collapsed and said he would give any kind of help to the state government.

3. Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkayya Naidu suspends 8 MPs: Venkayya Naidu suspended 8 MPs for their unruly behavior for a week.

4. Sixth round of military talks between China and India: There will be a sixth-round of military talks to change the deadlock situation between the India and China border. For the first time, the Joint Secretary ranked officer from the External Affairs Ministry will be participating in the talks to yield fruitful results.

5. COVID cases reached 54, 87,480: Including a single-day spike of 86,961, India’s COVID cases reached 54,87,  480 and fatalities reached 87882 including 1130 deaths within 24 hours.

6. Two lady officers appointed in Navy: Lieutenant Kumudini Tyagi and Sub Lieutenant Riti Singh will be deployed soon as observers in front line warships at the Helicopter Stream at Indian Navy

7. Indian Air Force’s Rafael to get lady pilot: As per few sources, Rafael Squadron would get one lady fighter pilot.  10 women pilots have already got the Rafael training and are pilots of MIG Bison.

8. Mamatha Benarjee condemns the suspension: Mamatha Benerjee condemns the suspension of MPs in Rajya Sabha and calls that it was not right in a democracy.

9. PM Modi criticized the MPs protesting against Farm Bill: PM Modi, in a video conference, took a dig against the opposition protests and said that, the oppositions’ protest as an exploiters’ protest.

10. Delhi Capitals won against Punjab Kings XI: Delhi Capitals won the match against Punjab Kings XI which made the audience sit on the seat edge. Mayank Agarwal had stolen the show with his magnificent half-century.

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