1. Rajnathn Singh says India believes in “Vasudhaiv Kutumbhakam”: As India started supplying the vaccine to the neighbouring countries, Rajnath Singh said India has been believing in the “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” and exporting the vaccine to the other countries

2. Parliamentary panel raises the issue of Twitter blocking Amith Shah: The members of The parliamentary panel raised the issue of blocking Amith Shah in 2020 as per the sources. as a response, Twitter said that it was an inadvertent error

3. Shimoga Blast: In a huge dynamite explosion, at least 15 people were dead in a lorry near a stone quarry, which was carrying a huge quantity of gelatin sticks and a huge quantity of dynamites.

4. Thalapathy breaks the records of thalaiva and thala: a recent analysis, the producers felt very happy for the huge success of this movie and the collections which bet Thalaiva Rajini Kanth’s and Thala Ajith’s records of 100 Crore in Tamil Nadu itself. He is the only actor whose four movies are collecting 100+ crores.

5. The US President Joe Biden promises 100 million doses of the vaccine: The US president Joe Biden said that he had set a goal to have 100 million doses of vaccine administration within 100 days.

6. India slams Pakistan: India has slammed Pakistan for its hypocrisy in the united Nations.  India urged the UNO to not to take sides when it is to protect and safeguard the religious sites across the world in today’s time.

7. Petrol Diesel prices hit new record high rate: The Petrol diesel prices hit new record highs on Friday after the oil market kept unchanged. One Litre petrol reached 92 when it reaches to consumer. 

8. Airlines offering a steep discount to attract the public: Airfare war resumes in India after a long time as airline companies to augment cash reserves. 

9. Donkey March against Tandav: Boycotting Tandav web series touched Patna as well. Chirag Paswan’s Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) on Thursday took out a ‘donkey protest’ against the controversial web series in Patna.

10. CBI’ s case against Cambridge Analytics a UK based company: CBI has identified the illegal harvesting of personal data of Indian FB accounts by Cambridge Analytics, a UK based political consulting service.

11. 9 Trump orders reserved by Biden: On his first day, in-office US president Joseph Biden signed 17 executive actions and 9 of them reversed the decisions made by Biden’s predecessor.

12.     Md Siraj makes big revelation: India fast Bowler Md Siraj revealed big revelation on the racial attacks in  Australia Sydney. After being subjected to racial discrimination, an umpire offered Indian team to leave the field but the Stand-in captain Ajinkya Rahane rejected to do so. 

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