1.CWC on high drama: Rahul fired on the people who wrote letters to Sonia Gandhi, on change of leadership. Senior Leaders Gulab Nabi Azad and Kapil Sibal among them, who wrote letters to Sonia Gandhi.

2. Kapil Sibal message on twitter appeared and disappeared: Kapil Sibal wrote a tweet saying that he had worked for the Congress and tried to make congress in power in Manipur, and worked for Rajasthan assembly as well. He felt bad about collusion with BJP remarks and said he had never spoken a word in favor of BJP. Later on, deleted the tweet saying that he received a call from Rahul and Rahul did not mean him in that allegation.

3. Asaduddin owaisi’s “ Gulam “ comment: MIM leader Asaduddin commented in a tweet to not to believe in congress. He advised Gulam Nabi Azad that not to be “Gulam” to Congress rule and said to come out of the party.

4. Gujarat Rain pummels common man lives: Ahmadabad, Gujarat damped with the heavy rain and logged with water. The common man faced problems in his breadwinning.

5.Suspicion on Minister in Gold Smuggling: In gold smuggling, the authorities have suspicion and have a close observation of a minister of Kerala, Jaleel, who brought the Holy Quran without a proper check on them from UAE, through Indian airports. The holy Quran was to distribute them in his constituency in the month of Ramzan

6. Ashok Gehlot want Rahul as President of Congress: Ashok Gehlot said that he wanted Rahul Gandhi as president of the party as Sonia Gandhi was determined to not to assume the party president position

7. The Drama is on: The letter requesting Rahul Gandhi as party president was received. The drama in this letter is, the writer of the letter wrote it with blood. Whose blood did he use is unanswered. Sandeep Tanwar wrote from Delhi this letter.

8.BJP fights without CM candidate: As of now, BJP will fight against Mamatha without CM candidate announcement. Vijaya Vargia said they would fight under the leadership of Modi.

9.Violation of ceasefire again: Ceasefire violation is common for Pakistan. For another time Pakistan violated the agreement of ceasefire and fired on Indian posts at LOC of J&K’s Sunderbani sector in Rajouri district.

10.Corona update: Corona cases load crossed 3 million marks in India and now 3.11 million people are infected as per the health ministry. In 24 hours the number of cases is recorded as 69, 239. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh stood in first second and third places in caseload

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