1.PM Modi, aims for Indian manufacturing: PM Modi said he aimed to increase defense manufacturing in India. ‘

2. Pakistan takes no action against Terrorists and organizations related to terrorism: Ministry of external affairs said in a statement that Pakistan never, had taken any kind of action against terrorists like Dawood and Maulana Masood Azar though the evidence was shown.

3. Government of India deals with the US: The Government of India and the US had a pact signed for the business as a result of Trump’s visit in the month of February.

4.Corona Updates: Haryana announced a complete lockdown for the coming Monday and Tuesday indefinitely.

5.No mask on the plane? Will be in the no-fly list: The central government ordered to keep the passenger in the no-fly list when any passenger refuses to wear the mask.

6.Chennai Kings in chaos: IPL franchise, Chennai Kings will be in quarantine, because a bowler and the support staff about 10 are tested COVID positive.

7.Highest Covid cases in 24 hours: There is the highest spike in the cases of Covid. India recorded 75000 covid cases in a single day. Including the latest caseload, India’s covid cases sprinted to 33 lakh on Thursday. 25 lakh patients were recovered from Covid.

8.All MPs to be tested for Covid: All MPs to be tested amid covid pandemic before parliamentary sessions

9. Four militants killed and one surrendered: Four militants killed in a search operation, during an encounter with the terrorists, in Kiloora in Sophian district.

10.Pandemic management course in MBBS: Going forward, Pandemic Management will be a part of the MBBS course. It comes under the fundamental course to the final year students.

11. Pranab Mukherjee’s health condition has no difference: Pranab Mukharjee has gone into a deep coma. He is surviving with life support from a ventilator, and the lung infection and renal dysfunctions have being treated by the doctors of Army R&R hospital.

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