In some countries, like Iran and Egypt, Twitter made a big change by changing the government. The same feat was repeated in the USA also.

Influencing the people to whom to vote and which government should be formed is one of the activities of Twitter.

If we see the last year’s US elections, we can easily understand that there is a lot of influence of Twitter on the people.

Are a few parties funding them?
There is a doubt if the pseudo-liberal and left ideologists are being supported by Twitter. In an interview, the CEO of Twitter agreed that the majority of his staff has been the supporters of left-wing politicians and centrist parties supports with inclined thinking towards the left.

They may have also been getting financial support from the centrist and leftist parties. International activist and left-wing supporter George Soros might have been supporting Twitter.

In India also it seems Twitter is supporting a few parties like some centrist and also it seems Twitter is supporting some left and liberal ideologists.

We can see Swara Bhaskar kind of people who deliberately making provocative statements through Twitter, but, their account never get dismissed, but, only for one comment of her, her account was suspended.

Twitter went to the extent of taking out the double tick for the Vice President of India, for his personal account.

If our Indian rules are not followed by Twitter, then this organization should not have the right to have its operations here.

In recent news, According to reports, when the committee asked what the company follows, Indian law or its own policies, the Twitter officials replied that they follow their own policies, as they are equally important. By this, they implied that they won’t follow Indian laws if they conflict with Twitter policies.

The parliamentary committee cleared the officials of Twitter, that they should follow the rules.

Any entity which doesn’t follow the rules of land in the name of the company’s compliance, will not be entertained in this land.

Does Twitter follow the rules of European and first-world countries?
Twitter has been following the rules of first-world countries and western countries. Twitter hasn’t even followed the Nigerian rules so, Nigeria asked Twitter to stop the services in their country. Now, Kookoo is taken the place of Twitter in  Nigeria. If the same rigidness of Twitter continues, they have to leave India as well.

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