What happened?
Before a few days, nearly from Diwali Pakistan had been violating the ceasefire agreement!

According to the newspaper reports when two terrorists tried to infiltrate themselves, into Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Indian soldiers stopped them in the firing between both the terrorists and Indian soldiers, both the terrorists were killed and two Indian soldiers were also killed in this. Pakistan soldiers violated the cease-fire after the death of the terrorists probably they violated, to protect the terrorists and starting firing in the civilian areas.

What was the extreme step which had taken by Pakistan?
Pakistan started firing on the Indian posts and Indian civilians. In retaliation, the Indian army also countered the Pakistan army. But targeting civilians made the Indian army to destroy the posts of Pakistan. Pakistan army killed the civilians and Indian army soldiers as well.

India’s befitting answer:
India has been reacting strongly due to support from the Narendra Modi government. India destroyed the ammunition dumps and bunkers of Pakistan. This strong retaliation from India is not expected by the Pakistan army. India has been destroying the terrorist helipads as well.

Different narrations from different magazines:
Indian and Pakistani media and Pakistani supporting media like Al Jazeera and BBC and Indian media have been going with their own narratives. The fact is different from the narratives of Pakistan supporting newspapers and media channels.

What exactly is going on?
Pakistan has experienced huge loss and many bunkers were vacated by Pakistan army out of fear and they left a few border areas to save their lives. A mini-war is going on in between India and Pakistan there in the border.

Imran Khan false reports:
Imran Khan got ready with a bunch of falsely made reports and presented them in the security council of the United Nations. Already, Imran Khan and before Imran Khan the Pakistan leaders have made many allegations on India and its administration but they never proved it, Sometimes they backfired also. Now their reports may also backfire due to falsely made proofs and evidence.

Is India entering POK?
As per the reports, India entered the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir for 5-kilo meters deeper and destroyed 8 terror launch pads were destroyed and Pakistan army soldiers were left behind when they were injured. India gave them treatment. This seriousness was not expected by Pakistan, this level of defensive offence is not witnessed. The disaster made by the Indian Army to Pakistan army and to its infrastructure is to be assessed by POK disaster management. As per the reports, it would take another week time to analyze that. India did not enter completely as it has been assessing the political scenario of the world.

Will India takeover POK? If we look at the Indian army and Indian government, India may takeover Pakistan Occupied Kashmir soon, which is legally India’s land including Gilgit Baltistan.

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