Feed a cold, starve a fever is a proverb, and the Covid is discomfort which is near to cold and respiratory and lungs infection. So, the proper feeding may make the recovery and boosts immunity.

Need of D vitamin:
There is a need for D vitamin to boost immunity against many diseases and even the Covid 19 kind of deadly virus as well. It maintains epithelial barrier integrity by restoring tight junctions, gap junctions, and adherens junctions. In addition to this, Vitamin D enhances innate immunity by increasing the production of Antimicrobial Peptides such as cathelicidin (LL-37) in respiratory epithelial cells which has the ability to disrupt bacterial membranes via electrostatic interactions. Vitamin increases the anti-inflammatory cytokines and suppressing pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as TNF- alpha and interferon-gamma.

Studies suggest that Vitamin D has a potential role in protecting against viral respiratory infections, especially against enveloped viruses. The older generation gets vitamin D deficiency. So the older people should have vitamin-rich food. And they should have D vitamin-rich food.

The deaths of middle-aged and old aged people are seen due to COVID, which emphasizes the need for vitamin D.

Vitamin D rich food:
It is important to meet the requirements for vitamin D intake all year round to help keep your body healthy.

The source of vitamin D is sunlight. That is why Indian yoga systems ask to practice the “Surya Namaskaras” early morning, for some time. That should be 30 minutes. The morning sunlight in the hot regions of India is good. the face, arms, legs, or back usually leads to enough Vitamin D synthesis. That is the reason, we could see many devotees who do not wear the shirts while going to temples. The traditional dress of Indians designed in such a way. We can see women wearing sari and man wearing dhoti help them to yield the sufficient D vitamin from sunlight.

Another source is multivitamin tablets, which contains the D vitamin. The allopathy physicians recommend taking the pills which are a supplement for the D vitamin. In Ayurveda, Chawanprasha kind of daily supplement could help in yielding vitamin D.

Salmon fish is a fatty fish which is one of the rich sources of vitamin D. So people who likes to eat non-vegetable food, can have this food and even Small Fish also consist of vitamin D and omega unsaturated fatty acids and proteins as well. Like this, many fish are a rich source of vitamin D like, Oyster, Sardine, Shrimp etc. Apart from this, Egg Yolk also consist of vitamin D.

Mushrooms are unique in plants and are rich in vitamin D.

Cow’s milk especially the Bos Indicus milk and Indian Buffalo’s milk is rich in vitamin D and good for digestion as A2 protein is available which makes it easy to get digested. Bos Taurus milk also good to gain the D vitamin, but, A1 protein also available in it, which takes much time to get digested unlike the milk of Bos indicus.

Soy and almond are the other sources of vitamin D. Orange juice, cereal, yoghurt are importantly vitamin D rich food.  Ayurvedic drugs also increase the vitamin D in our body, which can boost immunity.

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