The government has given the SOP to open the schools and as per the government instructions, they may open the schools for consultation. From September the Home Ministry permitted students of Class IX to XII to meet the teachers at school voluntarily. However, if the state would like to bring back the youngest students first, the Education ministry will not interfere. This has been left to the discretion of the state government.

Is it compulsory to attend school?
The Education and Home Ministry have said that there is no compulsion to attend the school. It will depend entirely on the parent’s concert. Those who chose not to go back to school can attend online classes only.

If the schools have no internet facility what to do?
Those who have no internet facility in respective schools, they can have interaction via phone. They can have interacted with parents and students.

Probable school life of the student?
If the schools are open and if the parents are willing to send their kids to the school, amid pandemic conditions the schools’ operations may have to see many changes.

1. Attendance may not be taken daily, the attendance may be taken once in two days.
2. If the student is not willing to come to school, he or she will be asked to do self-study and may stress on easy and essential chapters.
3. The precautions like wearing masks and gloves maintaining six feet distance are common. Hand wash and hygiene will be mandatory.
4.  Sharing of the things and eatables will be prohibited.
5. There will be less school transportation and it will be encouraged to have the parents’ own transportation.
6. There will be two shifts for the school to manage the students if the number of enrolment is high
7. Classes may be held outside when  the weather is pleasant
8. All the learning material which is important and less will be kept in the classrooms and from I to V the schools may not encourage the books and bags to be brought.
9. Aged teachers and teachers from containment zones will not be permitted

What about assessments?
According to the guidelines, there will be no tests at least for three weeks after the opening of the schools
Assessments will be encouraged to be conducted as role-plays, quizzes, puzzles, one-act plays, generals, elocutions, journals, etc.

The condition of teachers in a few states?
In some states in India, the teacher condition has deteriorated. The junior colleges and schools, degree, PG, and Engineering colleges are closed so the teaching faculty is literally on the roads. The private schools and colleges syndicates came on a word and stopped giving the salaries.

An interview with a + 2 college lecturer:
A lecturer from an intermediate college revealed the heart-melting economic condition of his. He said he has been working as a delivery boy for some e-commerce website on daily wages. He gave his interview to

On one end the schools are provided SOPs and the state governments are unresponsive about the opening of the schools and on the other hand, the faculty difficulties are unexplainable and pathetic.

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