Recently a minor girl was raped and killed brutally. Her eyes were gouged out and her tongue was cut off in Uttar Pradesh. She was strangled by her dupatta (A cloth which is used by women while wearing Punjabi style dress) She went on an errand. It was reported that the rapist dragged her by strangling her with a dupatta into the sugarcane crop. In another incident, a minor girl was raped and stabbed with scissors and the accused was the regular offender and burglar. Every year these kinds of sexual assaults have been taking place about 30+ thousand minimum in the last three years as per statistics.

Why have these kinds of crimes been happening? The main reason is the unruly life: Many offenders have an unruly and disorganized life. Sometimes they may have come from a disturbed family.

Anonymity: Another reason for committing this kind of crime is anonymity. They feel they can easily escape from the crime. Examples for this kind of crime are Disha’s case in Hyderabad and Nirbhaya in Delhi.

Why commit sexual assault? The main reason is pornography, which makes rapists fantasize. They want fantasy in the real world. They become sexual predators so they try to commit this kind of crime. In addition to this many offenders feel that they can easily escape. This is called anonymity.

Sadistic Rapists: The danger with the sadistic rapists is that they cause death also. They enjoy the suffering of the girl, the victim. They also try to escape from the law.

Defending their crime: Some of them defend their crime by judging the character of a girl’s dress or the time she comes out. This kind of attitude of a criminal can be seen in Indian society. Not all the male population would be like that but very few of them are like that.

 Political influence: A few offenders who are rich enough and politically powerful enough, this kind of offender feels that they can easily escape from the law.

Why is the crime rate so high in metropolitan cities? The main reason is, monitoring of parents or elders may below. Another reason is anonymity. No one knows them in a big city like Delhi.

Why the rape crime rate is high: The other reason for the high rate of rape crime is, they feel, satisfying sexual pleasure is not wrong. Some of the regular offenders get infatuated by some girl or they wait for their prey at lonely places. Unfortunately, many of the offenders are from suburban or rural backgrounds.  To earn money they reach cities and meet alike thinkers and commit crimes in this way.

What is the other way to stop crime: If the development is decentralized the movement of the people to one place comes down. If a small place is taken as a revenue unit, close monitoring of people can be done.

Early marriages: Government and many people are against the policy of early age marriages but, early age marriages can confine the man to his wife only.

Is it wrong on part of a girl to come out of her residence at night? It’s nothing wrong. Men and women have the same rights in our democratic country but it is a suggestion to women or girls not to come out at night as the sexual predators may roam at night time for their prey. Another problem is believing all the known people is another innocence to become a victim. Girls should not believe all. Some may be wolves under cows’ skin.

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