October 5th is World Teachers day which was observed by the ILO/UNESCO to commemorate the teachers’ efforts to make the future generations resourceful to the nations.

India’s efforts:
After colonization, India adapted to the new English Education System which is student-centric. The students come to a commonplace called school or College and they study there. But India’s education system was different compared with the present education system.

The Gurukula system:
India’s major contributions to the world are knowledge that kept it continuing through the “Gurukula” system. The Gurukula system is the teacher-centric education system. The teachers in the “Gurukula” system test the students’ capability and based on that, they used to assign the different educational streams.

The “Gurukula” system produced the finest scholars like Kautilya who wrote the “Arthashastra” which deals with economics. It was written a few thousand ago and still is treated as a book of reference. The same gurukula system produced “Arya Bhatta”, “Nagarjuna” Susrutha and Charaka etc. who are pioneering scientists in astronomy, mathematics, chemistry and medical sciences.

In recent times “KavyaKanta Ganapati Muni” is also a prominent philosopher and many more people have come from the gurukul system.
Many schools of thoughts and religious ways were discovered and invented through this system.

The Gurukula system was not confined to a rigid religious system. There was the liberty of questioning including religious thoughts. The same system brought many schools of thought, like Buddhism, which is atheism, Jainism which is agnosticism, and Dwaitha Adwaitha and Visishtadwaitha which are theological schools.
In the Gurukula System, there was a certain respect for the teachers and society was more productive and contributed to the GDP of the country. The kings donated much to the Gurukuls.

The fall of Gurukula:
The fall of Gurukula led to disrespecting the teachers and slowly the society has become unproductive and obviously, the GDP started falling. The British colonization and ruining the systems in India pulled to its destruction of schooling and vocation.

How to restore?
The teachers should be kept respected and economically empowered. The teachers can identify the capabilities of their wards and push them towards their compatible stream of education and vocations. All of the professions should not be seen with a commercial perspective. The commercial perspective brought destruction to the Indian society which hasn’t been in the position of making the GDP stronger.

Present teachers in India:
After the COVID 19, teachers in India have been facing the problem and are pushed into acute poverty. In India, most of the students are from private institutions, which are closed now. The government left the teachers to their fate and the government should not do that. The government should give its financial support to the teachers.

Should restore the Gurukula system:
The governments should also restore the Gurukula system and encourage the teachers to adapt to the gurukul style of teaching.

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